Thursday, July 14, 2011

foamy spit stuck to the side of ur mouth

So im sittin here on Thomas porch waitin on Thomas, Cannon and Troy and so im bored obviously cause for anyone that knows me knows that 5 minutes by myself is equal to a year in any concentrations camp. So to keep myself from slittin my throat and bleedin out right here on Thomas's porch is the fact that i have brought with me every smart device i could pick up. So anyway im scannin facebook just seein what everybodies up to and i see that there are 100 different kinds of people. All kinds of catergories of people. Theres white, black, asian, hiptser, redneck, county, hippie and prolly a hundred more that i cant think of right now cause i cant roll my eyes back any farther to see into my brain(cause thats what i do when i think hard). But then i remembered yesterday stoppin at Mcdonalds on my way to work to get some lunch. You might wonder where this is goin but ima tell ya.That was when i realized there is only two kinds of people in this whole frickin world and i will now tell what they are. There are the people that talk normal and then there are the people that talk with that large foamy white bubble of spit on the corner of there mouth. I got my food from someone with that disease yesterday. Yes i consider it a disease, cause you have to know you have it, so if you know you have it and still its there then it must be a disease and there must be no cure. If there was a cure no one would ever say na im good i dont need no cure it dont bother me none. No you would say please cure me of the nastiest epidemic since leprosy. Cause nobody has ever gotten laid with either one of those. Yet you think it is alright to work in the food industry with mouth rabies drippin in my food. but in case you didnt know you had this foamy mouth disease till you read this blog cause after you read this you ran to the nearest mirror and read a paragraph from ur favorite book and looked up and saw a foamy discharge formin in the side of ur mouth then u are goin to feel like you have been kick in ur life nuts for two very apparent reasons. 1. as ive said there is no cure for this and now u know ur gross. but now u know and you can go out in the world accordingly. 2. you now realize you have no friends. not cause foamy mouth disease people cant have friends but none of the friends that you thought you had ever told you that you have gross mouth. and they let you find out by readin this then readin to urself in the mirror till you watched as everythin you thought you had and were gonna be in life crumbled with every vowel and constanant you put togehter while u were readin built the foamy dicharge that will keep everyone ever from listenin to word you say. cause after a few sentence that you say people are goin to forget that you even exist cause they are goin to be thinkin does guy know he has foamy mouth disease. So please if you have this epidemic im sorry if i was rude. but i will help you out some. if you have it i will tell you that i know for sure the cure isnt eatin while talkin to someone cause then that foamy home you have created just start rentin rooms to crumbs. alright Thomas and Troy r here so im out.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Whats up Americas Bday

So this weekend was the fourth of July and it is always my favorite holiday. so for a celebration we had a lot of things goin on(on a side note i dont care about capitol letter after a period so suck it. see previous sentence for verifacation.) friday night we hung out a captin county's lounge with bo, nathan, ana, kj,and cash. we played some cornhole and had some whiskey and beer. bo and nathan won cornhole but only through usin black magic so it doesnt count cause everyone knows black magic is unbeatable and cheatin. sunday we wen to Alturas to Savvy and Cheltzees house for a fish fry and swimming and cornhole.  Cannon and Ana won the first tourny and Me and Thomas won the second. yes i know that i said i dont capiltalize after periods but for some reason im takin the time to capiltalize names but for some reason drunk fingers have no logic in typin. also dont get the drunk fingers im talkin about confused with the drunk fingers high shcool dudes have win they are left alone with they're so called girlfriend at a party. not sure where i was before this pointless rant but ill try to start where i left off, not that u care cause i really dont care so why would u. im just passin the time before i  pass out. so highlights of the weeken are fun friends and family. OH and also a little piece of advice that i figured out is this. you can easily be old enough to get married and can pretty much make your everyday life work. but you can never be old enough to make a kid do what you want. i love my son to death but ghandi would have punched his own baby except that he didnt have one which makes him even more ghandi like. i dont think he coulda takin care of one let alone made one with his legs crossed and all that humming that he does. although the hummin might put a baby to sleep. ill look into that.  but anyway babies are awesome but until they can basically take care of themselves they are alot like a rainy day. they're moods come outa nowhere and u have to just wait them out til you can have fun again. thats about all i got tonight but im guessin your not readin this part cause it got borin about two sentences after i started so i could prolly say FART but you dont know i did. well good night and LETS KEEP IT COUNTY. ill have pics of the weekend tomorrow.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Blog... Its all down hill from here.

Just started this new blog. It goin to be about polk county and the great it is. Its goin to be about whatever i feel like and nothin at all at the same time. This could turn out to be as bad as when Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey baby sat the girls for the first time. I might even try to wash this computer in the sink after it makes a mess in its diaper. For those who dont know me and have never seen this Full House episode that im referring to then this is just a taste of my dumb.. Good Luck and Lets Keep It County.